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Posted by  Per Corell on July 03, 2003 at 04:09:15:

In Reply to:  Re: Part project posted by Deidre Rachid on July 03, 2003 at 03:30:08:

All "rings" can be "cut" from sheet material.
This is a very different method than the mesh entities you proberly know and please forget about these compleatly when you realise how 3D-H work.
It is acturly a revolution in CAD, that this is a direct link to produce each assembly "ring" , as when you se the idear, you will se that "sheet material" can be concrete cast on the ground, steel sheets, Plywood or whatever "sheet material".
You do _not_ bend any single piece and can produce a globe from strait sheet material , but this method is way different than that of Bilbao, as there you se in theorie a thin surface covering a huge arear as an emty computer mesh ------- 3D-H is very different from this, as it bring the whole structure, not just a thin theoretic surface mesh that ask skilled engineers and craftmen just to read the drawing into reality ; with 3D-H you post the N.C. codes directly to the water or laser cutter , that in sheet material cut an assemby that hold floors and wall framework in one. Bilbao is pipes and sheets where 3D-H is an assembly framework.
please check the simplified example in the link at the bottom.

You must not se the outher "mesh" as a fragile thing that need to be supported by floors, ------ maby Bilbao ask this, but 3D-H offer a strong structure where the floors will profit ; in a 3D-H structure all members support each other member ; you will se this when you realise the idear and how different it is oposed what we emagined 20 years ago.

In the old WTC you would se 20 different steel profiles, hangers and bolts ,all sorts of individual members that often ask to be carried by others, ------- with 3D-H there is only one material and no hangers and bolts to fiddle it together and each member support any other member, but it is not a zero thickness computer mesh entity, as how for instance Bilbao was projected.
So a center core will be strenghtened by and will strenghten both what you se as the outher mesh, but also the floors, and the walls.

Maby what is most exiting with 3D-H is, that floors and walls as by magic "grow" while the assembly frames is assembled, you can check this in this Scrapbook ;

Here you also se two "rings" or frames copied out of the assembly, to show how each and any assembly frame, is "cut from sheet material".

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