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Posted by  Per Corell on July 09, 2003 at 02:22:28:

In Reply to:  Re: Part project posted by Nada on July 08, 2003 at 13:30:20:

This depend on the project. The free-form exersises is rather a matter of expression and for me to learn the visual effect placing geometrics to form volumes , but as 3D-H add it's own form language or detail expression most of these volumes is my own way to learn how you perform a building volume "dramatic" or "humble".
When bound by the size of a cirtain arear I guess I often start drawing the surroundings with their expression and hight and there a 2D sketch is needed. But most of the volumes I placed in the scrapbook, is experimental not bound in their expression by the surroundings ------- a direction I othervise don't agrea as I do not like the Dockland dizziness ,but simply want to have a startpoint, somthing to work from or around.
I learned a lot from boat building, where you need to be very strict about projecting all 3 views so you can transfere any point in the front view to where you can calculate it to be in the two other planes, and I find the basic knowleage about drafting essential, ----- anyway with 3D you _will know your foults where 2D realy can fool you to belive a cirtain shape of a roof is possible , ----- so I simply don't trust 2D, and most free-form or geometric assembly projects of mine, is produced without any sketch except the one I emagine.
This don't make things any more easy, as it is my experience with 3D modeling, that the first simple line of shape block can be day's. the next can be hours for each simple cylinder or box, ------- but when the first few primitives is placed and a week gone without anything but a feeling of iretation about the first step alway's must be so exhousting without you even doing anything, then within an hour ,the intire project is there in raw form.
Sketches somtimes work great at that point ,as narrowing focus ask you to make decisions and form a whole , ballanced by many aspects of the project , but it is also my experience, that at that point the vaste bin come in handy, as even I made maby just one hour work at the digitizer ,the project been in my head for a week.
-------- Now I talk about fun-projects, the more serious ones is years emagining and putting detail in all in my head ; acturly each keystroke and each line is already done virtualy, before I even start the mashin.
The creative process proberly is different people to people , but in my process there is a lot of critic towerds what I am doing, why this shuld be so, and why I am no great artist.

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