Re: what skills are necessary to become an architect?

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Posted by  Per Corell on September 10, 2003 at 01:29:56:

In Reply to:  what skills are necessary to become an architect? posted by Bahijeh on September 09, 2003 at 17:34:49:

It is very important to know your strong and veak sides when considering a life where you will have the oppotunity of working with a creative process. Still often it is just your veak sbilities in a specific arear that will take your time and maby be the reson to chose just that education, ----- you could be so lucky that you get the chance to make your life into a positive experience overcomming what tigh your creativity and please don't forget that it is alway's easy when only doing what you are good at, but the unique result will come in an other process that is not as easy.
It will make your options much better, if you realise your limitations and maby the whole point of your skills is, to make these help you to overcome the other troubles you already know, ----- but do you know why and do you accept your own attitude ;))
The skills you need is good social skills and an image of doing it the best you can, as that is what will be rewarded not the guy who just want to be a famous architect.
Maby it sound silli , but I would say that if you feel a bit humble about the creative process you will find much more pleasure in develobing your skills, but all people are different and even you reach the point where projecting and acturly producing a nice design is done just like that, you could find yourself in this very strange situation, that when a fantastic project is over and have been 97 pct. of your life while doing it, ------ you maby wake up unsatisfied by the fact that now it's over and mean nothing of the sort you expected, that you need to move on that the satisfaction is in the process , not in the joy about the result. Happen all the time for me.

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