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Posted by  Per Corell on October 30, 2003 at 04:37:38:

In Reply to:  Re: Skytrain posted by meily on October 30, 2003 at 03:03:12:

It is a bit difficult to respond : The High-tech is a brand new ,true Digital building method that shape a complete assembly framework for a building , covering both walls and floors that as by magic "grow" while the framework created with the 3D-H method by a press of a button, is assembled.
The method is very different from what you se as modern High-Tech building methods, that for most parts is just the old methods rewritten into computer code. This method is a brand new Vision in construction and is a "Direct-Link" projecting method ,where the actural computer drawing go strait to the production mashine that in full-scale produce the actural building element ,with a number code attached.
In perspective the method as used to realise the Bilbau museum is a very primitive "High-Tech" attitude compared the 3D-H method ,as where in Bilbao you only get a fancy geostatic structure that as a thin shell cover a huge arear -- a primitive computer mesh that ask a lot of engineering and skilled metal workers, the 3D-H method offer the whole structural parts of a building, with floor and wall framing and what is in terms of production very interesting ; the 3D-H method ask only sheet material ,only one material to shape all frames and where Bilbao do not meet the measures projected, 3D-H is accurate down millimeter.
You do not bend one single piece but form framework for a round building from flat sheet that assembled with others but often differently shaped building frames can shape any shape without bending or fiddeling, ------ No pipework that acturly shuld not be bended, but when bended cast a different measured structure carrying the known problems of that building method of Bilbao, this is an engineering fact.
3D-H build at a third the cost, somthing four times as strong only halve the troubel assembling. And instead of 20 different steel profiles bolts,hangers and knees, you need only sheet steel or any material that you can envision as sheet material, then the direct link concept turn the water or laser cutter and produce the ready building frame .
Still even this is heaven the building industrie is conservative, but this idea carry the future options for those who realise the computer as the future tool. The jobs this method will create carry the same genuine qualities as ever, only very few wanted to stay with bronce adges when the steel adge were interduced.

Per Corell

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