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Posted by  AM archstudent on March 01, 2004 at 19:24:46:

In Reply to:  YOU KNOW YOU'RE (OR WERE) AN ARCHITECTURE STUDENT WHEN... posted by s o u l o f k d c on February 28, 2004 at 04:53:37:

Great minds think alike!

You know you are an Architecture Student when. . .

1) You spend your Thursday nights, not at the Hall with your friends, but at Langford in a cold, dark garage playing with cardboard.
2) You spend your money, not on CD’s or movies, or even textbooks, but SPECIAL types of cardboard, and four different kinds of glue.
3) You talk to your roommate more on AOL than in person.
4) You’ve never been to the mall or the movies in town but you’re on a first name basis with the cashiers at Hobby Lobby.
5) You walk around campus comparing the buildings to mastabas and megarons. (You can ask us about what those are later.)
6) You critique buildings on their layouts and whether they utilize direct or indirect sunlight and natural ventilation.
7) Attending midnight yell and football games is considered taking a break.
8) You spend your Friday nights in a cold, dark garage playing with cardboard.
9) Your “battle wounds” are blisters from exacto knives, cardboard cuts, and super glued fingers.
10) The Rec? What’s the Rec?
11) You have all of your classes in the ugliest building on campus.
12) You know your TA better than your roommate.
13) The couches you sleep on in Langford, in place of your dorm bed, date back to Watergate
14) Even after the project is turned in and graded, you aren’t satisfied.
15) You spend your Saturday nights in a cold, dark garage playing with cardboard.
16) When you actually have “free time”, you have absolutely no idea what to do.
17) When you don’t know what to do, you go back to the cold, dark garage at Langford because that is all you know.
18) The only way you get to go out is if your non-architecture friends kidnap you and tear you away from your project.
19) You fish for compliments from ANYONE that will give them in order to justify all your hard work.
20) You get so PUMPED about getting 2 pieces to fit together you do a lil' jig to celebrate.
21) Despite it all, you believe you have the best major in the world!!

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