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Posted by  Per Corell on March 21, 2004 at 12:49:46:

In Reply to:  Re: fractal architecture posted by adam on March 21, 2004 at 10:41:06:


Fractal could even in near future , be what a bee make on Mars.
If you know what one function robots can achive with just a bit recursive code , maby human shuld drop develobing actural 3D digital building methods as in 10 years genfysics have the cheapest robot to send into space , ------- then they will not send bricklayers I suppose ,but what was it that was said 20 years ago ,that in 20 years we have wierd growing bricks by nanno robots ; isn't that today ???

Fractal depend on a math function ,that show an increadible beauty ,realy you shuld stop building Lego steel-boxworks and investigate what any real architect would apply ; there are nothing Fractal about Lego thinking ,if artificial intiligence and space shall be an option ,then remember that a box is not a fractal.

3D-H work perfect with recursive functions , even most modeling with automatic asemblies frameworks simply work better as you never never never bend one single piece ; everything fit right out of the mashin, the mashin is chaep, what's realy wrong making money.

I don't want bee's doing sugger production on Mars in 20 years and I ask again, shouldn't there be the first Nanno robots today well 20 years ago they said so and a lot of structures fallen since then, nothing got better.

What's so good about Lego thinking, that it make nice Pyramides --- well that is just the vorse structure ever ; impossible to enter, but easy to ecape.

Why stay with an attitude that make everything more complicated, whenever it get better. Why not scrap the 20 different steelbox, profiles and fittings and do everything from one material only ?

Realy do you give the cowboy a chance ?

Anyway ,as the fractals are refered mostly in a shell forming fasion, and 3D-H is a method that form the intire structure, with floors and walls, not just an emty shell , it shuld as real 3D be able to profit even better from fractals , more than a method forming a computer mesh that with only a huge efford could be manufactored .

3D-H is not just another hippie method , this attitude work both with ferrocement and digital cut sheet material it's so different from Lego that only a dane could make it. You only make me say these things,becaurse they are important.

Perspective is added.

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