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Posted by  TJ on April 13, 2004 at 23:25:04:

In Reply to:  YOU KNOW YOU'RE (OR WERE) AN ARCHITECTURE STUDENT WHEN... posted by s o u l o f k d c on February 28, 2004 at 04:53:37:

more signs of being an architecture student: ( all of which are true stories! )

#1 ) You've been omitted to hospital more than once due to heart permeatations, due to caffiene overdose and sleep deprevation.
#2 ) You've wrecked your model whilst having a seisure in a crit due to lack of sleep.
#3 ) You've had a bleeding nose for five consequtive days due to sleep deprevation
#5 ) Your hair comes out in large clumpy chunks
#6 ) You've declared loudly and profoundly that " sleep is for the weak" more than eight times in the last day.
#7 ) You get out your computer - room swipe card, whilst trying to open the front door of your flat.
#8 ) Your flatmates only know you've been alive in the last couple of months due to the coffee cups left on the mornings you actually make it home.
#9 ) You start calling the architecture school "home"
#10 ) You keep a sleeping bag underneath your drawing board
#11) You start refering to outside the architecture school as "the outside world"
#12) The world becomes pixalated ... and ocassionally the little singing munchakins have hullicinations, also due to sleep deprevation.
#13 ) You call wood = timber
#14 ) You call rooms = spaces
#15 ) You call doors = thresholds
#16 ) You call windows = fenestrations
#17 ) Whilst waiting at the unversity councillors office you recognise everyone else waiting with you are also from architecture school
#18 ) You type "pmove" or "pedit" in your head when you want to open a door in the real world
#19 )You get annoyed because you find a dead homeless person on the morning of a handin and you contemplate not telling the police because of the possibility of loosing valuable last minute project time.
#20 ) The taxi driver helping you to move your belongings out of school at the end of the semester asks you whether you're moving house.
#21 ) You know of classmates that have hung themselves, slit their wrists, and been shot by police due to pychotic insanity.
#22 ) Despite all this you still manage to put a smile on your face and tell "outsiders" that you love architecture school and it's people!

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