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Posted by  Jacques Pochoy on January 02, 2002 at 15:34:23:

In Reply to:  Re: starting a thesis posted by new comer on January 02, 2002 at 12:04:27:

Would you call Mohenjo daro or Harrapa "pre-veda"???

The fact that those cities are "modern" in every sense, that as Paul malo states it, they are more "urban" oriented then "object" oriented, (no temples or palace designed as such) but public space and a true urban design, does it condratict with the indo-european culture, the "Maurya" period (Asoka)...?

Materials go from bricks (Harrapa) to wood (first Veda period) to stone ((Asoka), those different "techniques" must surely be of importance on the design of architecture ?

The apparition with the Maurya period of the world axis (the stambha), isolated post losing their structural sense to become "objects" (symbols) who will transform in amalaka's, while in the same time, carve "empty space" into rocks (versus the classical building= materials placed in "space" to define a volume), isn't it a feeling for a sculptural sense of architecture (Ellora, Kalugumali)??
The extraordinary Stupa of Bhaja could have been designed by Le Corbusier (in his best period..:-))!

Most of what we tend to call the modern history of architecture has been thought from IIId century BC to IIId AD... In India ! Of course, not in the "form" we know, but in the theory of space surely...

What can you do with that...:-)? Well, I believe a nice thesis on the "traditional" feeling about space in it's "modernity"...:-)

You should manage something, I'm confident...:-)

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