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Posted by  Jacques Pochoy on January 02, 2002 at 16:57:18:

In Reply to:  Re: Photography... - calling Jacques posted by amanda on January 02, 2002 at 16:28:26:

I don't use zooms, even if they seem handy. I prefer to "move" to the proper framing. As in architecture, "constraints" are the best for creativity, meaning you have to find a way to by-pass the constraint...:-)
I have a wide range from 20mm/2.8 to 180mm/2.8... I lke those two extreme ones. In fact I "discovered" thatmost of my best pictures were done with the 180mm, because of the "compressing" effect in the distances, it carries well the "ambiance" of some cities or buildings in their surroundings...:-)
Nice for portrait too (used to be the favorite for model photographers in Blow-Up times).

The digital image cameras are "complicated" to use...
Not in taking the pictures, but in keeping them. When I can stride along with 300 frames-to-be in my pocket, most of the others with electronic devices must stop because of memory card limitations, or need a portable computer in the back pack to download them. After a few hours they are frantic to find a socket to plug their battery charger.

But it's a french photographer, quite famed here who told me one day that, at first, trying a new digital camera, he was very happy because he could choose the good pictures and discard the bad ones, then, several weeks after, while filing pictures for a book he discovered that after several years, the pictures he was choosing for this book was'nt the choice he would have made in the "heat of action"... And he suddenly thought that discarding images while taking them, was a very bad idea....

The second main problem is the filing...
With "classical" slides or negs you can file them in many ways, but the cost is the same, very low for a single picture.
Now in digital imagery, if you want to keep a "good" picture, it's high-res... About 30 Megs in jpegs. Even if today, CD's are cheap, imagine the library needed for 6000 images (that's nothing, ten years ago I was asked if somebody could scan 8 millions of old pictures...).
Now what happens in ten years when the super new CD bubbling memory laser driven is so current that you can't find a device to read your CD's and "transfer" them on this new media with , of course a new file format.... will you find the time (or the money) for that sort of transfer (for CAD files, I do it every 2 years...).

That's why I've choosen to stick with the 35mm film AND scan the pictures I need to use in the moment...:-)

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