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Posted by  monday on January 24, 2002 at 22:54:57:

In Reply to:  Re: need reports on DRAVIDIAN ARCH., TEMPLES, GOTHIC STYLE CHURCHES & ISLAMIC ARCHITECTURE posted by Simple Simon on January 22, 2002 at 10:20:51:

okay,.. so its like this,... there is strictly speaking no 'islamic architecture' ,.. the building types did exist as in the mosque but the forms the different mosques have in different parts of the world are very ... vernacular, as in pertaining to that region,.. in africa the 'islamic' buildings have the small domed roofs (youve probably seen the pictures of small domes going on and on) whereas in spain youd define islamic architecture with horseshoe arches and in mughal (indian and pakistani) architecture youd define it with multi-foil arches and onion shaped domes ... so as far as the islamic part of the architecture is concerned you would define that with the religion of the people in power at that time... not with the form etc.
later though (as in now) mosques do have a typical form with a prayer chamber and an open courtyard...
as far as colour is concerened its use has been very varied and usually depends on hte material locally available... marble has been extensivly used all over the world,.. and blue especially in iran (on domes),.. of late green has been described as the islamic colour basically becuase it was the colour the dome of the mosque in madina has been painted and so most new mosques all over the world have these bright green domes... but white (marble!) is i suppose the main colour... but please remember there is no religious preference to any colour..
figures of humans and animals have been 'frowned upon' by the clerics and so you wont find paintings or sculptures of such form especially in religious places or places of worship... they become too close to the idol worship thing of the past ..
i hope this helped somewhat..

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