Message - oops...I did that wrong - try again Easter Island and Polynesion art.

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Posted by  Verve on March 04, 2002 at 16:05:02:

Could anyone follow this up with links of Polynesian Architectural interest ? Cheers :-)

The outlook is far brighter in the eastern sector of Polynesia, (just look at that blue sky for a start)..:-)

This sector includes the Marquesas Islands and Easter Island. In Marquesas, the tiki Theme is seen everywhere, often characterised by a large stylized face. But the most evoccotive images are the giants of Easter Island, many of them still in their original locations. There are two types. One group consists of anthropomorphous figures, roughly life-sized or a little larger, cut of various types of stone and standing on the ground. The others are much bigger (some up to forty feet high - 12.192 m high), and are hewn from massive blocks of grey stone. These dipict strange personalities with long heads and sketchy bodies. They have been placed on wide platforms compromising stones which have been smoothed and shaped, all significantly, with their backs to the sea. There are also wooden figures of ancestors of some artistic merit, some life-like, others mingling the ancestor image with an animal totem.

In Northern Polynesia, no single kind of carving can be taken as completely typical. In the Islands of Hawaii, the tiki image occasionaly shows some disproportion in the rendering of the head; anthropomorphic figures incline to be stiffly stylized. But here feathers come into their own, decorating masks which often verge on caricature.

New Zealand is the focus of artistic interest for Southern Polynesia. The Moaris are expert wood-carvers, and once again the tiki theme occurs. This time there is a difference in that the tounge - sometimes a double-tounge - may be seen hanging from the mouth. The dominant motif is the spiral, skilfully executed whatever the context. Some of the finest tiki are made of Jade.

The Easter Island Statues AKA the seven Moai of Ahu-Akivi, were errected in honour of the dead and have a ritual significance. They have occasioned much discussion and controversy.

My daughter asked me while looking at some old photos "so is that where all the Easter eggs and Easter bunnies come from"?

Yes, Easter is for sure blowing her mind right now. All that commercialism, still a while away yet but made to feel like it's just around the corner so "get buying those eggs, they'll soon be gone"

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