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Posted by  Verve on March 05, 2002 at 17:31:47:

I was meaning SPAM. That highly commercial Processed food..:-)

"Every once in a while, something comes along that changes the course of history, so it is with SPAM - an interesting blend of fact and fiction" and the Cultural world that it continues to be a part of that we see changes in trends.

1930's - Time was tough but Gave us the Wizard of OZ. :-)

37 - "Now you can really get your kicks on Route66" Route 66 stretching through eight states and three time zones on its way from chicago to Santa Monica.

SPAM is BORN - Origionally called Hormel Spiced Ham "SP" from the spiced "AM" from the ham (ingenius ;-)..?)

38 - Superman "the caped crusader" in a comic book, Kryptonite being his weakness.

- Orsen Welles - War of the Worlds
39 - Gone with the wind - the southern side of Civil war.

In 1945 SPAM fed Russian soldiers during WWII former British Primeminister Margeret Thatcher called SPAM "A war time delicacy"

47 - Chuck yeager flew a rocket powered plane called the XS-1

1950's gave us :-

51 - Plastic and pink, the nations first plastic flamingo.

53 - Frank sinatra "from here to Eternity"
Flash Gorden with his dynamic spaceship.
55 - Cultural Icons Mcdonalds & Disneyland emerged.

1960's :- Timothy Leary, "The good the bad and the ugly" and of course the mini skirt not forgeting The great Bob Dylan and the Beatles. Singing ringing tree.

65 - T.shirts make a statement - everything from politics to puns to products

Rowan and Martin with a whole new set of expressions. Very interesting but stupid.

A farm in muddy rain hears the likes of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hedrix and other class acts at Woodstock

69 - "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"

1970's :- Mood rings, Rolling stones, Spam debut on TV (Monty phythons flying Circus in the Green Midget Cafe)Platform shoes and polyester.

76 - Benjamin Franklin "We must surely hang together or we will most definitely hang seperately"

77 - John Travolta. S N F

Late 70's Early Eighties :-

The "Me" Decade. Punk, New Wave, New Romantics, twin peaks, Designer labels, the Rocky horrer picture show.

YUPPIES (Thanks to Peter York - Young, Urban, Professionals.)

1989 - Sally Ride America's first Astronaut rides into space.

- The fall of the Berlin wall

1990'S - Present time Grunge, Retro, Fargo, The Simpsons, Cloned sheep, Mad cows, The Tweenies, Teletubbies, bottled water etc...

91 - Desert storm

- Dream team

97 - Sourjourner - rover sent to analyse Mars

98 - The SPAM can Changes to survive an almost state of collapse in it's product life span. Feature a new gold can, and a poly film label with a photo of the SPAMBURGER.

- Snow boarders debut at the winter Olympics

2000's - Well it's here and now so it's still in production.

All will tell in 'Simple' retrospect.

So Kevin the "mailbits" was refering to the other confused meaning of SPAM - the term used for unwanted E-mail (see the link)

So I shall ask again does SPAM have any Architectural significance, given it's wide ranging cultural outreach and persistant marketing stratergies to evolve alongside a changing society ?

and has its context had an influence on how buildings or structures are built today, how many Architects have tried SPAM, Or been influenced by the packaging as a prototype form for construction.? (subconsciuosly) we inhabit a strange and complex world. Can you think of examples of buildings which may or may not fit into this thinking?

The bridge of the Menia perhaps ? ><

Or even 'Tin Can' Architecture - DOES ANYONE KNOW LINKS TO ANY SITES ?
I can't seem to find reference to this type of architecture on this web site.

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