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Posted by  Barry on March 13, 2002 at 09:55:34:

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Fuller could not separate the idea of technology from the natural world. If humans were part of nature, all humans' creations must be natural as well. He knew that the hard, cold inanimate industrial materials used for the technological tools and machinery of the late 19th and early 20th century were part a transitory phase that would soon pass. The lighter, stronger alloys of the early 20th century demonstrated the capacity for new combinations of various metals and elements to exhibit vastly different structural characteristics and functional propensities. Fuller envisioned that even more lightweight materials with higher tensile strengths would soon follow in the not too distant future. And the qualities inherent in these materials could be most effectively put to use by taking an entirely new approach to design itself.

Fuller's earliest designs for shelter resulted from applying the design principles he found in nature -- high efficiency, light weight, dynamic pattern. Nature designs for a fluid universe, a universe of change. The questions Fuller would ask as he looked at manmade shelter design were "How much does it weigh?" -- "How flexible is it?" -- "How does it work?" -- "Can it change or evolve through time?" Fuller's design for shelter had to be dynamic -- a home that did not sit heavily on the earth but could instead be moved around, air-lifted, assembled and disassembled with ease. A home had to be like a "machine for living," one that carries out functions, one that could be altered without losing its essential character, one that could grow, shrink and change with the needs of its inhabitants.

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