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Posted by  Sepehr on March 16, 2002 at 15:53:42:

In Reply to:  needinfo about architecture for the place of worship posted by dils on March 14, 2002 at 06:34:12:

Seems u're form India..
ur country has a great history of worship.Why r u looking for it in the other countries?
In INDIA the God has been worshiped for about 3000 years(?) and more while in the other countries there was not civilization!

I think a place for worship -sorry! space not place - is a space for concentration and nearing to the meaning of human being.The human being should feel comfort-all kinds of comfort-over there..a simple space without any kinds of excessive and additional things..
U urself refer to the meaning of worship..
The worship make u powrful,hopeful,alive and fresh.Now,u think how u can make these senses in your design?..
I think the worship (without thinking to the Politics) is a way of scape when u r tired of life,tired of this damn world..

*Some important topics:
1-Site planning is so important. U never can't place a church/mosque/etc. in the middle of a noisy place..
2-The entry is important too.I don't mean that u should design a good facade or exterior view, I mean u should design an entry process.
U should separate the entered human from outdoor space and prepare his/her feelings for concentration by simplicity of forms,silence,etc.

There is a Mosque in my country named "MASJED_E_IMAM_E_ISFAHAN" whom its yard has about 30 degree rotation to direct the Holy Shrine at Saudi Arabia(Ka'be). But u never feel this rotation when u enter to the mosque!

Was it useful?
No more power to explain more!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay in touch..

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