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Posted by  Jacques Pochoy on March 25, 2002 at 15:15:40:

In Reply to:  Re: thesis: need help. posted by noshad on March 25, 2002 at 08:13:17:

What is a Zoo? A place to look at animals that nobody has ever seen (19th century)? A place to look at animals that nobody has ever seen (the 21th century farm zoo for city kids)? A place to breed endangered species (The Zoo of the Isle of Jersey)? A laboratory in wich we can read the labels on test tubes holding the gene pool of an exctinct specie?

Why would I want to design a Zoo when I'm nearly over fed with the NG tv series...?
Why would I want to pat a cow or a duck...?
While maybe I could be interested in giving a helping hand for some species...

What I mean is that you just state that you want to "reproduce" a Zoo concept without really questionning the validity of the original concept. Just as in most science-fiction house design, the toilets are still designed as we did them in the 19th century... Is it because our body functions haven't changed (yet), because water is so plenty that we can use it for that "sloppy" use, or because we didn't even think about the toilets that nobody will ever photograph, but did work a lot more on the car porche design...???

Maybe the "new" zoo, is to buy a ticket and follow Fossey's tracks, with all it's dangers, or sit in our couch to look once again the life of the prairie dogs....(The entire world must now know all about that damn prairie dog...)....:-) I should have tried animal movie director, I would cerntainly be richer...:-):-):-)

And how about "being" one... (a prairie dog or a hedgehog or whatever)... Just get those virtual reality glasses on, some strong perfume and there you are, digging your hole or playing possum...

Quite a lot of ways to "design" a zoo...:-):-):-) Good luck anyhow, but try to find the one in the Island of Jersey (channel islands), it's a very thoroughly designed one.. Up to the car park!

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