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Posted by  SANJAY BHATIA on June 01, 2002 at 14:09:46:

my email address is,has anybody done a theis on similar topic?i need guidance and saome places to do a case study.

Architecture is one aspect which depicts the culture
and habits of a particular community.It gives a better
understanding to human mind and its aspirations.
The campus is designed to be a forum for professionals,
students and awareness for the public.Centers like
these are in great demand abroad and many countries
having their national centre for architecture which
showcase national and international centre for architecture and also a research wing studying upcoming and
innovative techniques related to architecture.
Museums and art galleries have managed to bring art
to the common man,but there seem to be no platform to
present architecture.Obviously the big city will be a best
Yet architecture is not considered a common mans
choice.Since there is a great development undergoing in
urban areas,the architecture has not become the
neccesity for the people.Till now the architects are not
approached well for any new urban development and
people have not understood the importance of this field
and work of an architect.
On the other hand the students of architecture are not exposed to the world where everyday new technologies
and new methods of construction are coming up.
Architecture is not limited to books,Architecture is much more than that. It needs great amount of pratical
knowledge and expert guidance to understand this field
very well. Archiitecture has its own freedom it cannot be
taught in four walls.Architecture is to explore potential of
art and technology as a cultural expression and as a
critical medium and ultimately as a form of knowledge.
Architecture cannot be compared with arts,sciencse and commerce colleges nor can be compared with an
engenering field.Architecture is an knowledge of Art+Technology and we have to accept the study of architecture
cannot be confined to one institute or few teachers and
few subjects in the syallabus.
So there is a need of a campus or an interaction place
where professionals and experts in the field of architecture interact with the students of architecture and the people so that they can bring architecture to the new horizons.
There is no place where students can show their creative work and compete with other students.students need
more guidance in respect to the new technologies as
they are taught way back of decades ago.
Architecture has to become an important part of every
individual to bring in the new face of the future for that a
common man should know what is architecture?and its

The campus must point to new directions,addressing
the above points and acts as a forum and platform to
present new ideas on architecture.
The campus should intend to bring in the aspect of
the past architecture and put forward an understanding
for it.
Also the aim should be understanding the architecture of
the present to look forward for the future.Another aim for
the campus should be to promote to have a critical outlook for the architecture happening at present,and to put
forward views ,hence a scheme at the campus regarding the public opinion in the issues relating to city's infrastructure,skyline and architecture.
A mini convention center and expo supports the idea of the campus and completes it.The convention centre and expo will house conventions and exhibitions related to
architecture,allied architecture.other convention can also
be held to generate money requried to run the campus as a whole.the campus shall be designed as a nucleus of upcoming architects that would await the collobaration between the proffessionals and the common man thus making them a complete designer in all respects.And the campus will bring awareness amongst the people about art,design and architecture in totality.


Architecture should not be thought of as a building but an integrated design medium that micros down to working details and macros into urban spaces.praticing architects today have regulated themselves to be shapers of shells internallyand clothed by landscapes.The days of elevation and Facades are over.Architecture today is but the experience of moving through space,comphrending its characteristics and touching its components.We desperately need to rethink architecture but at the same time respect the cultural and climatic background.
We have to bring architecture in every city,in every street,in every house in every detail of life.we have to make architecture a part of life.we have make people understand the need of architecture for better living.
Since such a campus does not exist in our country and since the very thought appealed to me so much,that i
have decided to take this topic as my

My topic required an urban site.Considering the fact that
an expo and mini convention centre were the prime part
of the topic also the purpose of the museum is to create awareness for the city in which we live and are so less
aware of it.
Naturally my choice was Mumbai,the most busting and
cosmopolitan city in country.Another criteria for site in
Mumbai was that to maximize the effect of my topic.I
required a site along the coastal line,giving excellent view of the vast Arabian Sea.Also it should be well connected with the Airways,Railways,Roadways,making it easy for the professionals,and common people from all the parts of
the world to visit this i have selected the site
in bandra at
The site is located at Bandra Reclamation and is abutting the Bandra Worli Sea Link..The site can be approached by Gen Arunkumar Vaidya Marg from Mahim and Swami
Vivivekanand Marg from western suburbs Bandra Worli Sea Link.

There are basic reasons for the choice of site in Bandra
The location of site is just prompt considering the topic i chose.My topic is going to attract a large mass of
general and professional individuals alike.So approachability is a great concern and this site builds just right in terms of approaching from South Mumbai,or western Suburbs an extended suburbs like Navi Mumbai.It is kind of provides a central location within Mumbai.
Another criteria that the site matches with my requirements is its along Coastline the major Bandra Worli Sea Link abbuting the site might seem the handicap for the site,
but actually does good to the site.One reason being the
that a major road coming between the site and the coastline means no more applies to the site.Another advantage
the very urban view it will provide for the site,once the
road and suspension bridge is constructed.Otherways if
seen from the link with the enormous traffic moving everyday shall view the structure from a range of distance
giving an automatic dynamism to the structure.
The lack of good and reasonably big plots in mumbai,also lead me to this site.A 6 hectare plot at a prime location in mumbai,location wise,sizewise,viewwise and requirementwise.

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