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Posted by  alalalalala on June 04, 2002 at 08:34:51:

In Reply to:  sports complex posted by arvind on June 04, 2002 at 07:21:08:

The faculty of your school may have preferences about types of thesis. Schools vary, so I can only suggest the type of thesis that might be appropriate here.
Typically, we would look for a mixed-use subject, so that there would be different building forms. An office building, for instance, is not much of a problem. An office or apartment building combined with a theater and shops, sharing a pedestrian concourse, perhaps plugged into public transportation station, would be a more substantial topic.
It a student chooses a simpler program--say an office building, or a museum--then we expect more detail development. These simpler programs really are more difficult to carry off well, since students are not usually familiar with thorough development of their designs, which usually have been presented in a very preliminary manner. One can present an amibitious project in a preliminary manner and get away with it.
We favor urban sites, since there may be a particular context that provides direction for the design. If you are building out in the country with only open space around the site, decisions are more arbitrary, hence more open to debate when reviewed. Having too much site is a burden; a tight site is really easier, since there are fewer options and more reason for your solution.
Look for a good site, not merely a building type. Do you have some town nearby, and is documentation available about a site?
It need not be a vacant lot; you can propose replacing an existing building or buildings. Perhaps there is a town center which could be improved by removable of some poorer structures.
Look for a program ("brief") that will incoporporate some internal, public space, such as a shopping arcade or courtyard, as an externsion of the public street. This may be a contribution to civic life, accessible to everyone, and may provide a strong focus for your design. You need some internal architectural development; the architecture should not be all on the exterior, as a decorative costume for a ordinary building. The building should be more than a dumb object. You should make a PLACE--contributing an internal space to the community.
Not all of our theses are of this type--here we do have museums and some odd thesis subjects. I've merely suggested what has seemed to be a fairly reliable thesis type.
Good luck.

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