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Posted by  Bobae Kim on September 01, 2002 at 03:53:53:

I have a dillema..
I'm 18 and from next month, I have to start applying for university..
I've always thought I'd be a business woman working in art&design sector..
Last year, after long consideration, I have decided to stay one more year at High School(College in the UK) for a better preparation for studying architecture at university..
It wasn't like I've always been interested in buildings or anything.. It was the best comprimise I could make between my passion for art and my parents' advice..
I've researched alot into architecture and I have to admit, I can't see myself working under so much pressure with very little money(I keep being told...)
The thing is, I'm classified as an 'oversea' student which means i have to pay approx 10 times more than what normal English pupils will have to pay..
This is why it is so vital I choose the 'RIGHT' subject..
After thinking so hard about what's right, I am having trouble remembering what I really loved doing.. what i was really passionate about etc..
I am very worried..
Money is a very big factor for me since I will have to pay off all the debt I will end up with after my study..
Is it true that you cannot earn much money from being an architect? ( I mean if u weren't a super architect.. ^^)
I really need 'architects-to-be' or real architects opinion on this..
Please help...

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