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Posted by  Jacques Pochoy on September 01, 2002 at 05:02:15:

In Reply to:  Too Many Architects in the World???? posted by Bobae Kim on September 01, 2002 at 03:53:53:

I can understand the dilemna...:-)

However the difficulties about architectural studies is that before following them, one believe that it's just a job (more or less paid).

The passion and the understanding usually occurs toward the end of these studies. It is a "gateway" that opens to a wagonload of different "jobs"... In France (at least) it's more about a way of thinking, of perceiving the world than just building houses. Most of our movie directors (the famed ones) have followed at least a part of these architectural studies (as our famed gangsters, or musicians).

To earn a living is not a very complicated task, to be a millionaire is more a subject of concern and you might finish to dislike your own look in the mirror...

The "too many" in the post title is quite incorrect ! I would rather say "too little" ! Of course this appreciation depends mostly of the culture or society you intend to live in... It's a matter of choices (architecture is always a matter of choices, at all scales!).

If you are in UK with the "oversea" tag, well, cross the channel... Most schools in EU don't have that "infamous" tag (racist in a cultural way... Crumbles from the British Empire, the Pakkah Sahib concept?)... The cost is only to learn another language !

Anyhow, the "pressure" will be the same in any of the paths you seem to like. The point is to choose the way you'll be pressurized, or by whom !

It's not much of a counsel...:-) Still, you should follow at least your own feelings... You can always come back to studies (it's harder of course) later while practising a well paid job (waitress?) as most of my student do... (average age: 30).

One's life and choices is a complex thing and should'nt depend on parents counsels or anybody else exept yourself.. It's a little like throwing yourself in cold water....

Good luck anyhow...:-)

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