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Posted by  Doc on September 13, 2002 at 08:53:14:

To all, (I am new to this forum so please bare with me)

I am an aspiring architect possibly looking to enter into grad school to get my professional degree... 3.5 year option, which I know is not the smartest route taken (time-wise at least) but its the path that must be traveled in order to achieve my dreams... right now I am working as a Mech Engr (Penn State graduate ...Theta Delt if there are any out there) and am looking into what I need to do to get into a good Arch program... so if you can, please help me answer the following:

1)What are some of the better quality M. Arch programs ot there (U.S. schools only... sorry)? doesn't have to be the best ...and personal opinions are welcome (as long as you can provide me with some solid reasoning) Just want to find some respected programs that I could get into and find a good job somewhere in the industry to start out.

2)Anyone have some good tips for developing my portfolio...? Could use some sound advice since I am rather new to the design world ...hopefully engineering hasn't numbed my senses too much. I have very strong skills in AutoCAD and a passion for photography (mainly buildings and landscapes)

3)Whats the general pay (regardless of cost of living) for graduates completing their internship (prior to professional licensing)?... the actual amount isn't important to me (since its what I want to do) but need to plan how to pay bills in the long term... life isn't cheap, and existing debts don't go away by themselves ...unfortunately.

4)Can somene provide me with some good reference material (websites, books or periodicals)? so that I might be able to hit the ground running and concentrate more deeply on developing my creative design skills.

5) Are there any professional working architects out there (recent grads or other) with whom I might speak with one on one? If so pls send an email to the address posted...

Thanks for any help and info you can provide... it will be much appreciated.


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