Message - If anybody is still awake or maybe in a different time zone… Please, help.

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Posted by  Sleepless in New York on September 18, 2002 at 22:10:57:

If anybody is still awake or maybe in a different time zone… Please, help. I’m trying to come up with a building that will fit my thesis proposal.

My thesis looks to investigate new programmatic organization for the elimination of socio-economic gap that create urban boundaries. I would like to study and research different neighborhoods of New York City. As a result of the research I expect to find that palette of mixed use program elements that make neighborhoods succeed when combined. I want to explore the dispersion of program throughout zones that have been primarily residential in order to activate areas that can feed into the larger public. This point of departure demands the development of a master plan that would run from the high-rise apartment region to the beach creating urban viaducts. I then plan on developing aspect(s) of the master plan that will support the thesis of my initial research of programmatic connectivity—a prototype of an architecture that houses programs that reach out, that break boundaries and serve as bridges.

NOW, HERE’S MY PROBLEM: HOW DO I COME UP WITH A BUILDING TYPOLOGY? WHAT KIND OF ARCHITECTURE WOULD SUIT THE SITE THAT I’VE CHOSEN? The site is really fascinating and unique. A historic neighborhood, it combines such elements as amusement park, aquarium, baseball stadium, covered ice-skating rink, boardwalk, public beach, numerous low-income high-rise apartment buildings, 2-stories residential dwellings, nursing homes, public institutions, private gated residential community (I hope I didn’t forget anything). Personally, I think that the beauty of that area is in the controversy of its components. The paradox of the neighborhood being an attraction during warm months and becoming a ghetto during winter— it becomes almost abandoned and even dangerous.

So, if anybody can, please, help me with an idea… I was thinking of a community center, but it’s just boring and been done already a million times. I yearn for something extraordinary and unconventional.


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