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Posted by  pracks on October 01, 2002 at 07:00:37:

In Reply to:  Re: PROPORTION is a very imp factor of architecture...... its easy to visualise but difficult to put in words..... can anyone explain what exactly is it ! posted by Paul Malo on September 29, 2002 at 06:09:43:

thank you so much for your response sir, but there r still some questions in my mind....

... as u said some faces look beautiful, some don't... we instantly feel the difference... same is with buildings... some look good ,some feel good... but again we can analyse why the face looked attractive... a sharp nose, high cheek bones, dimple chin or mayb a gr8 combination of all these... WHAT do we do in case of BUILDINGS? how do i analyase a building i find beautiful? what is it about the space that is exciting...
for eg. i visited this historical building in Bijapur, India ( have u ever been to India?...) called Ibrahim Rouza, a tomb, has two beautifully proportioned structures placed in front of each other , the realtionship between the two structures and of the structures as a single identity is just too good.... and now the problem starts... i can feel that it is good... i can see that the key factor here is 'proportion'... this is the kind of space i want to create... but how to analyse it? what r the criteria?
the fact is i cant measure every building i like... and analyse the ht, width, lenght later... so i have to do it rt then n there... BUT HOW? can u help? :-(
hope to get a reply ...

P.S. is there any literature regarding this that i can read... someone must have written about/ analysed this fundamental question b4... though just reading is not going to be enuf i guess...

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