Message - Re: is the corridor the only way to transfer between two architectural spaces?

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Posted by  BRUTUS on October 03, 2002 at 04:46:45:

In Reply to:  Re: 20th Century Architect posted by right on October 02, 2002 at 23:44:08:

have you ever asked yourself about the evolution of a "transitional space" as you said ,when implying to the corridor...etc in contemporary homes?
have they ever need this transitional space in "ancient" homes? and why?
of course sometimes the need of "corridor" in a repetetive modular space(like patient rooms in a hospitals,classrooms in a school...etc)is inevitable,BUT sometimes these transitional "spaces" as you had describe it can go further to an absurd length,is that creative space?why?
why to solve a space "problem"like a corridor is by applying more restrictions to your presumed space(maximum length of a hospital corridor should not exceed 42m)why?
why we are obliged to put more restrictions to the space?and don't forget the inevitable emergency stairs?why?
have you ever heard about the Atrium?can you differentiate between the role of Atrium and the role of a long corridor?
haven't think about transfering from a space to another space other than using the corridor?why?
should we restrict the using of corridor in our designs to the minimum?why?
have you thought before about how to solve the end of a corridor in a school or hospital or a mall ,other than an EMERGENCY exit for these death traps?why?
have you ever considered in your designs the amount of "functional" burdens that a long corridor can cause with respect to the vertical circulation in a multistory building?why?
have you ever dreamt about architectural spaces WITHOUT corridors but with TRANSITIONAL SPACES and why?

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