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Who is a healthy person?

Equilibrium is ayurveda’s buzzword. If you acquire it in body and mind, then, your health is ensured.
· Sama Dosha: Dosha is the key concept of Ayurvedic medicine. Are the forces of Vatha, Pittha and Kapha in the right proportion in your body?
· Sama Agni: Agni in this context is the digestive fire. Is it in a state of equilibrium?
· Samadhatu Kriya: The seven dhatus (or bodybuilding tissues) are rasa (chyle), raktha (blood), mamsa (muscular tissue), medha (fat tissue), asthi (bone tissue), majja (marrow) and shukra (seminal fluid). Are these functioning properly?
· Sama Mala Kriya: The three malas (excretory processes) of the body are swedha (sweat), mala (faeces) and moothra (urine). Are these functioning properly?
If the answers to all the above questions are yes, then you are physically healthy.
However ayurveda does not see the body as separate from the mind. Even for all the above functions to be in order the mind must be in the right mode.
To achieve perfect health one must possess:
· prasanna atma (blissful soul)
· prasanna indriya (perceptive senses)
· prasanna mana (blissful mind)

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