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Posted by  monday on October 22, 2002 at 11:24:30:

In Reply to:  what to do with an uninspiring situation??? posted by gene on October 14, 2002 at 12:12:44:

okay its like this,.. im stuck in a similar place in simialr surroundings,.. but what makes it even more unbearable is that my father who is absolutly wonderful and a really good architect teaches in the same univ. im in.. which ought to be really cool but the rest of the people here, students and teachers dont give you the credit you deserve, and cant take you designing better than them... or even thinking ,.. theyre all stuck in the past and churn out the same designs over and over,... and you cant even experiment because its not appreciated,..
but dont despair... im almost done with my 5 years here,.. i graduate this december,.. it does get better,.. and looking back now, it wasnt as bad as it seemed then... yes the people were an introverted bunch of uncreative humans, talked about their best friends behind their backs,.. but hey look,.. i surived! and so will you.
just read a lot (their are gazillions of architecture books),.. dont distance yourself from your surroundings,.. try to enjoy them or at least understand them,.. youll be okay... throw yourself into design fulltime,.. youll end up a better architect if nothing else ;)
we are dependant on our surroundings, but not so much on hte buildings as we are on the people,.. if your not surrounded by crazy psychos,.. i dotn think it should matter too much,..
i hope you get out of this 'mood of despair'... good luck..

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