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Posted by  gene on December 17, 2002 at 11:40:24:

In Reply to:  once upon i time i was an archt,,,,,,, posted by ronnie khanna on December 16, 2002 at 03:25:49:

AAAAAHHHHH my friend! What are you talking about?? You obviously don't understand...architecture is not about money, I don't think any creative profession is. Its about giving something to the world which is unique to you, something awesome that yo buds can look at and say...ahhhh I know the guy who did that (which you can look at and say...mmmm, should have spend more time on the roof connection!) At least it's not the sweatbox to which you always have to turn back to when the extravagant weekend with all its glamorous wonders crashes to a halt. I live in a materialistic plastic world, which, personally, has nothing to contribute to me at all. People talking about nothing but expensive sport cars, Barbie girls, decadent moments {of no relevance to anything), impressive houses, Gucci and Armani and all the other "important" things in the world!
yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! So what!!!!!!These things I suppose appeal to certain people, that's why we're all different mate. If you don't mind objects dictating your life then so be it, just remember youíre never gonna be content, you're always gonna want something more expensive, more fashionable, more sexy or more amazing. Off course I understand your concern for financial freedom, but money doesnít make people happy, especially family members. (My dad is the horrible clichť who never stops working, I enjoy spending his cash but Iíd much rather have his experience of 1950ís American V8ís.)

You know what? There is no objective reason to justify why people love sweating away at architecture. Itís part of your nature or it isnít, I do it because I need to express myself, I want to be critical, I want to sculpt the future for my society, I want to teach, I want to sit in my office one day, all day, and dream, dream of the hottest things you can ever imagineÖ and call it work! And obviously most importantly by feeding the rest of the starving children by inspiring there scrawny aces!

And lastlyÖthose visions you were talking about, those visions are worth nothing if you canít see (create) the reality in them. The skills\tools that you learn in university give you the power to do that, its only when you master the tool that you can truly express the mind. Thatís what this lifeís all about, itís the challenge that drives us all: to make what is in your mind a real thing. Gaudi did it and so did Mies, but forget them what about Quentin Tarantino, or Jim Morison, and Dali and Oscar Wilde, they all succeeded.

I donít knowÖmaybe you just got cold feet?

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