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Posted by  Per Corell on December 29, 2002 at 11:55:12:

In Reply to:  space architecture: urgent posted by noor on December 29, 2002 at 11:10:44:

You make this with meshworks and sheet material, Space tubes only need to restand one Atm. presuare, think about Kursk doing thousand times this, --- this say somthing about what a space structure mus restand, then how can you do better, than a near nanno 3D-H structure . You cut sheet material down hundreds of millimeters accurancy, then what _if_ a method for this will come, then what is wrong building stronger, in a new form language.
Space inviroment will soon be avaible with new building methods and choice of sheet material. Such structures can be comunicated over long distances, and precision manufactoring are fully avaible in space as soon....
As soon you Romans start walking again, They are Pyramides, no good for nothing, here to keep mankind on the earth, to heavy to bring in space. Beside what's wrong forming exact shapes from your mind, making parts of a construction even four times stronger, subtracting a volume and creating Honeycomb with the paneling for this.
Or do you plan to bring space bricklayers ,---- Morter here and there, all over the Astroides.
Emagine this, refined with trible hull meshworks in the cheapest boxworks ; 3D-H. In four layers, Completed ,sealed and repariable by Robot. With a laser cutter, and refining strength, would you think a hull ,for a spacecraft is expensive, with a cost four times the cost of this Barge bridge . Now the Barkbridge are thought as a steel construction ,in assembly framework and paneling the many meters you ask, in intergrated 3D-H it mainly will be the extra meters cut material, making this bridge with the road deck converted with a 3D-H screenworks, But even then six times as expensive as a Bargebridge, must be worth the money, in space that is, Check the volume it hold , flexible and safe. Minus one Atm, is that anything.

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