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Posted by  Ohm on February 24, 2003 at 11:01:44:

In Reply to:  aquarium project posted by buffy on December 14, 2002 at 10:03:48:

Hi all ,
I'm a 5th year arch student in a University in Thailand. I've just finished my aquarium thesis few days ago , and my jury will take place this Wednesday totally under stress....hahaha
To be informed first , my professors didn't give a damn about aquarium technical aspects much. They concern more about concept of design , sense of architecture , building mechanicals....things like that. All I know is...umm....
- There must be filter rooms...or as called in some books as 'life support system' next to the tanks. Small tanks , just a little area ( don't have to be worry about it - just left some space around the tank ) Big and Giant tanks need large space. ( Favorite issue : Please explain the water system. )
- Tank service : There must be a monorail hoist , or a crane over giant tanks , to take fishes or other objects in and out the tank. ( Favorite issue : How could you take the fish out if it's dead or sick ? ) There must be service corridor round or over the tank - to feed the fishes and clean the tank and others things....
- Tank lighting : in Thailand the weather is hot , so we can't design the direct skylight because of the energy concern. It's better to use indirect natural light and add some artificial one , which I couldn't remember exactly what it is. :p
- Dolphin theatre is a big problem...if you have one.
- Things about water pH value...water temperature...not's not architectural.
- Aquarium theme is needed. It's your concept of design. Normally it's kust like...A Journey Beneath the Sea......
This is all I can recognize at this time. If you guys need more information or need to ask questions , or even just talk , contact me at Hope I could help you. But remember , I'm also just a student :)
Thank you.

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