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Posted by  God on July 03, 2003 at 16:47:12:

We are intelligent creatures. Relatively. Relative to the animals, I guess. But we are smart enough and emotional enough to be sad when one of our own dies. This is an inherent emotion that occured early on in human history. With this sadness came a justification of life. To releive the pain of loss and give meaning to our existence. Im sorry, but there is not a man with a white beard and long staff that is up in the sky looking down upon us. I believe that we are more then just peices of meat roaming our planet and there is a flicker of energy that ignites our concienceness, but what happens to the soul when we die is that it diffuses into all the other energies that exist in the world. Is this heaven? maybe. However minute this "soul" may be, it wont be a concience that can meet your old dog rover or your grandfather, for he is gone. Like you will be too. I'd say have a great time here on earth but it doesnt matter anyway. This is why different cultures invented religion, because we can. This is why we have architects and such, to provide a small amount of futile immortality to our lives.

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