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Posted by  ronny on July 26, 2003 at 23:09:19:

In Reply to:  The never ending thesis question posted by nikki on July 24, 2003 at 11:24:51:

Hi nikki

Why worry about getting kicked ? I知 sure you can kick back !

Anyway regarding your topic the first thing I壇 say is that it is quite interesting
and I知 sure you値l get a lot of satisfaction out of it regardless of the final
output. So keep your passion intact and go ahead with it .

According to me you are dealing with two very complex subjects, one is human emotional response and the other is the nature and quality of the space that we inhabit. Either of these is a thesis by itself so it is really important that you define your scope of research otherwise this might get out of hand. Now of course this was your problem and you asked for a solution. I cannot promise you a solution because I believe you値l create your own solution, but I値l try to get you going in the right direction.

.There is no doubt that we have extremely fragile emotional requirements along with our obvious physical needs as far as habitable space is concerned .Spaces that are insensitive to our needs and emotions are mere physical enclosures like cages. A very simple example is the fact that all architects use the same basic universal elements like columns, slabs, windows , stairs etc to create their structures but not all are successful in creating awe inspiring works that are at the same time sensitive to human emotions because architecture is much more than the mere physical sum of its elements i.e. simply erecting slabs on columns is not sufficient as it does not address the emotional needs although it may satisfy physical requirements. it has to have the ability to evoke positive emotions to complete the picture. Those who are able to infuse this ability into their work are doubtlessly appreciated more than others .

The emotional impact of a space can be unintentional and unforeseen. But to a great extent it can be manipulated through form, colour, symbolic associations etc. and in fact I believe it is really crucial that the designer be able to visualize the emotional impact of the space he is designing in order to eliminate possible negative responses. So I壇 suggest you first study the human response to form and colour. Next I think you should go through the historical evolution of space, so that you can be aware of the changes that have come about through the ages, both qualitative and quantitative. Write down whatever abstract thought comes to your mind and keep on editing and reediting until it makes sense. I think after this study you値l be in a better position to decide what to concentrate on.

At the moment I cannot specify any particular book for you but I値l see, and in the mean time you can use the net for info. Right now I think this should get you somewhat started.
Actually the reason why I took such interest in your topic is that I知 doing my final year thesis on music and architecture, which deals with similar aspects, and so I壇 like to learn more from you and your experiences. The suggestions and opinions that I have presented here are largely based on my own ideas and feelings and so you have every right to disagree with any part of it if you have a different opinion.

Bye . take care.


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