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Posted by  Per Corell on August 01, 2003 at 15:15:53:

In Reply to:  Re: Stop Whining posted by Ken on August 01, 2003 at 11:23:49:

Then my aproach about depression is even more arogant, spell SSRI and you don't have any exchouse creating lovely spaces and nice inviroments.
Trust is a nice way to get rid of your disbelive in human intiligens generaly, Roman houses alway's looked like a bath, even they could build bridges ,they proberly hount the Digital to produce nannotubes in kilometers , in 30 years. Not now, not now when anyone can build in an bullitprove sheet material framework already at a third the cost, four times as strong . Pyramides never go digital , ------- I blame the Romans ,those who claim to have invented architecture, I still claim that no art looking like a public bath. Fallingwater se that's art :))
Now I know you hate to admit, but acturly building at a third the cost, four times stronger, in a uniform material acturly make sense, what is acturly wrong making money, producing software and hadrware selling and exporting the very technology, already avaible 1987 , wasn't jobs and progress part a pointer to the true vision.
Then now shuld be the right time.

All the first halve century russian architects making sense was missing, was a direct link building method, emagine what this would have created , Hitler who hated this stuff aswell as Stalin wouldn't have been able to remove the structures with bombs, that's how strong 3D-H perform , original blueprints full scale. That's quality not obsolute.
"South Park" learned me, that you need a very diversed view about the world, I also get depressed about a world of designers, who can't se the tool before their eyes, ------ where are all the wizards.
Where are the True Vision is this it.
Where are the pointer to a bright future, -------- in the past 8 bit or the next direct link building method ?
Can you call an indirect production method a Direct link, no.

You blame a lame industrie, but the trouble is the cost of the products as that is what make no jobs. Romans was perfect producing bridges and bath houses, to the extents all their architecture have that idear and look like that, -------- then seing the pyramides they ofcaurse thought these to be done the same way, this never go right everyone know that's my only offence about Romans.
I got my privat Romans you proberly have your's.

Go se Terminator 3 , know that what you se, could be avaible in 40 years ,case Romans stopped building Pyramides, just for a break.

Trust that even Pyramides there are sort of some sense, about modern technology .

The computer was made to calculate projectiles, what sort of brush is that ?

Reconise the beauty , but depresive architects now when Prozak , this don't even work as an exchouse to be lazy.

Anyway if you are unplesant with the industrie, think about how I shuld feel about that. My secret is that I tell myself, that it's not their foult they are so stupid Romans. Not their foult they don't know beauty and se no progress well I do and then I shuld be the halv blind, Romans can't read tha't what wrong, this I tell myself, and suddenly I se the absurd repeatly wrongwork .
American that is most part english is by halve the words of aincient scandinavian origine, -----then I know your words better, before you even speak them. Then you tell me about crafts , ---- this I tell myself to .
I will go to England rather London for vacation, I decided focus on one building only Forester from what I remember, is the name of the architect, fairly nice structure why ruin a vacation realy get into detail.
Forget about it, then you don't need to think about a rotten industrie. ------- They alway's agreaed somthing was rotten in the state of danmark, se paralells everywhere , the same old Pyramide nonsense and then it's not even nice.

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