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Posted by  gene on August 09, 2003 at 07:08:18:

In Reply to:  Re: vertical arrangements instead of horisontal posted by sudi on August 09, 2003 at 02:44:53:

thanks for your reply, mmmh I probably should have told you a bit more about the program...we have to design a house and studio for ourselves as architects.
I will have three buildings, one carries aspects of house(private-public), the other aspects of office(public) and the last-more important and most private- will consist of the more inspirational functions of both.
Lets just say the central/creative space(last mentioned) will be a protected environment, a place where one can dream, express and explore without the concern of societal conditions or rules or laws. To give you a better idea here is my accomodation breakup-
-House element=.(bedrooms, lounge/tv, kitchen, toilet)
in a radial organisation where each space has its seperate direction which aims at indicating a more private/individual environment where families can do what they want, these function describe to me personally the places in my home where I dont interact with my family

-Office element=.(draughting space with drawing b and comput adn desk, reception, printing,cutting,plotting, storage,etc.)-
a place of focus, production and efficiency-perhaps more relative to the scientific aspect of architectural practice

-Central element, sorry I need to find a suitable name for this building but anyway= .(library, cinema, dinning, meeting studio for office, workshop for painting building and drawing, music, contemplation space, reading and discussion spaces)-A place where one can find those functions that bring people together on a deeper level so to interact socially, creatively and mentally-it carries a strong sense of mystery and adventure, perhaps why the vertical arrangement came to mind cause I find that traveling vertically can provide a more intense experience of traveling than can be expected of when doing so horisontally)

I am presently trying to attach form to these ideas and have looked at some of Eric Owen Moss's work, I dont know why but it seems to create some level of mystery- I am trying to produce a design that wont read at the first glance but would require a profoundly deeper analysis/appreciation for its understanding.

Does this make any sense? Not the sharpest with words but let me know if you have any thoughts.


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