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Posted by  Tony Hillier on August 18, 2003 at 19:20:49:



Of course the postmaster of the worldbank and all the other neo-nazis (global list available) reject this press-release because they finance/feed/profit from the planet-destruction that is caused by human overpopulation.

In the last 50 years corrupt Governments/Town Halls/Bureaucrats/Judiciary/Education/the Institutions/Multinational Corporations have presided over the overproliferating/overpopulating humans causing more planet/biodiversity/eco-system/ozone layer destruction/global warming/climate change than in the previous 60 million years. Fourthousandmillion additional humans since 1950 still increasing at more than 80million p.a. colonising/depleting/polluting/destroying/wastelaying 94% of the planet: creating the chaos/problems they feed on like leeches on a dying body. This global environmental holocaust continues to be covered up by the cringing media worms afraid of or conniving with the Hitler bosses (when Hitler and the Pope introduced the multiple mother cross in 1933 they had no idea that their breeding venture would be reincarnated in the “multiple mothers clubs of America”):

Illegal primary deforestation continues at more than 130,000km2 p.a.; less than 6% of global landspace remains unpolluted wildlife habitat; infernal psychopathic noise pollution and systematic/malicious animal torture/murder (the benefiting religious thugs call it culture) epitomise/characterise the brutality/barbarity of humans=ignorant/subservient jerks/order takers/robotic slaves who will say/lie and do what the Hitler bosses shove in front of them for a wage packet (getting paid to sustain/promote the false doctrines that have been passed down the centuries) which sustains their cretin existence=slaves to the global economic nazification=planet destruction; when China is fully developed with 2000 nuclear power stations – its resource depletion/pollution/waste and market saturation quantum –for which ever more consumption/hardware-zombies must be bred - will exceed that of the entire industrialised world of today: it’s time to stop now:

Free global public availability of contraception for all. Global free abortion availability for all. Compulsory daily environmental/demographic and human Nature/Habitat/Wildlife/Atmosphere destruction quantum impact Education in all schools. All “news” to address the underlying demographic/environmental causes/effects and to give equal air time to the environment and overpopulation as to sport/economy. Stop speciesism. Permit/facilitate homosexual marriages. Compulsory parental licence - not available under age of 35; Global one child per couple policy to reduce global population to 1950 level. Global stop of construction other than renovation of existing buildings/infrastructure. Global Zero Growth of mass-production/mass-consumption. Stop the criminals behind the debt-financed consumption frenzy that destroys the planet. Don’t let the criminals continue to destroy/pollute the planet. Don’t let the Dr. Frankensteins and their cronies continue to cover up/deny human overpopulation. According to UNDP a child dies every three seconds from poverty, 1200 million humans subsist on less than one USD a day. They want to halve world poverty by 2015 which they claimed to do for the last 50 years. They’ve ‘succeeded’ yet the actual numbers of poor/dying continue to increase due to the population explosion. Giving all 6500million humans the average lifestyle/consumption/pollution/resource depletion/wastelaying/habitat/wildlife destruction/ignorance quantum of one ordinary Schwarzenegger or British IVF Hooligan or American Hillbilly would completely wipe out the Global Life Support System of the planet Earth.

Ye Shall Have Honest Weights and Measures and Respect Limits!

It's your responsibility-C'est votre responsabilité-Es ist Deine Verantwortung-Es su responsabilidad


Global free News and Information Division – ARTICLE 10 OF THE EUROPEAN UNION COUNCIL OF EUROPE – Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms – Freedom of Expression – This Right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.

GLOBAL PRESS-RELEASE-what every computer must know because humans are too stupid/greedy/self-rights-obsessed/responsibility shirking/psychotic/self-serving
You can identify NEO-NAZIS by their refusal to read/understand/disseminate this press-release: the religions opened a tap on the top floor to fill a bathtub and then ran away preaching/crusading/missionaring/corrupting; misleading everyone that the planet is an unlimited free for all that can be divided/exploited/colonised by ever more humans because Nature/Wildlife are expendable. The world business council for “sustainable” development/the world economic forum/cnn/global media/the stockmarkets/the EU mafia/the green parties/the WTO/MFI/Worldbank/the aid/charity/development/environmental/wildlife outfits/the swiss banks and all of their global hirelings/bootlickers/corrupt politicians jumped on the bandwagon pretending that this was an endless opportunity of endless mopping up creating jobs and/or profits and ever more of the same as the endless flooding causes chaos/war/conflict/resource depletion/habitat and wildlife destruction: knowing that the natural environment/bio-diversity/wildlife don’t vote, don’t consume, don’t pollute, don’t make waste it was decided that the running tap should never be turned off and be supplemented with IVF and genetic engineering UNTIL THE GLOBAL LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM has been wiped out.

A PLANET WHERE ENVIRONMENTAL/ECOLOGICAL/BIO-DIVERSITY CONCERNS=IF IT DON’T MAKE MONEY IT AIN’T WORTH SAVING, WHERE BOOM MEANS BUST, WHERE EVER LOWER INTEREST RATES=HIGHER DEBTS=BOOM=MARKET SATURATION=MORE HUMANS NEEDED=PLANET-DESTRUCTION=BUST, WHERE DISCRIMINATION=STATE LAW AGAINST THE NATURAL HABITAT/BIO-DIVERSITY/ANIMALS, WHERE NEO-NAZIS - NOW CONGREGATING IN THE WORLD’S UNIVERSITIES/INSTITUTIONS/PARLIAMENTS/MEDIA - PROMOTE GLOBALISATION ON BEHALF OF THEIR PAYMASTERS WITHOUT DISCLOSING THE FACT THAT MULTIPLYING THE CONSUMPTION QUANTUM OF ONE NEO-NAZI BY 6500 MILLION HUMANS WOULD WIPE OUT THE REMAINS OF NATURAL HABITAT/BIO-DIVERSITY/ANIMALS, WHERE VIRTUE IS IGNORANCE, WHERE INCOMPETENCE IS CALLED “PROGRESSIVE GOVERNANCE”, ETHICS IS CORRUPTION, RELIGION IS DECEPTION, EDUCATION=TEACHING EVERY NEW GENERATION HOW TO DESTROY THE PLANET, PEACE IS THE RIGHT TO KILL, PLANTS ARE (AGRI)-FACTORIES, ANIMALS ARE TOYS, TREES ARE WIND TURBINES, ECONOMIC GROWTH IS PLANET-DESTRUCTION, FREEDOM IS THE RIGHT TO DESTROY THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT/OZONE LAYER/BIODIVERSITY, EVER MORE JOBS ARE RACKETEERING=POLLUTION/DEFORESTATION/RESOURCE DEPLETION/WASTELAYING, “SUSTAINABLE” DEVELOPMENT IS EVER MORE CONSTRUCTION, AID/CHARITY IS THE MONEY MADE FROM EVER MORE PLANET-DESTRUCTION, SPORT IS SHOWBUSINESS=ARRANGED BUSINESS DEALS, POLITICIANS ARE LIARS WHO WILL SAY ANYTHING THAT CATCHES VOTES, CHILDREN ARE INNOCENT VICTIMS, AND ADULT HUMANS ARE A REPRODUCING VIRUS CAUSING IT ALL – 4000million more planetdestructive/greedy/selfish/ignorant/thieving surplus humans since 1950 increasing at more than 80 million from year to year….occupying/polluting/wastelaying 96% of the planet…..Hitler’s mothercross – a joint venture with the Vatican for multiple feedlots enshrined the nazi-style “rights of life”=at the exclusion of non-arians which is today reincarnated by the sick “pro-life/united nations/religious” weirdoes/freaks/hypocrites who want to breed humans at the exclusion of all other life such as fellow species/bio-diversity and nature - financed by the Vested Interests/racketeers who need ever more ECONOMIC GROWTH=mass-consumption-zombies=discrimination against bio-diversity/animals and their natural habitat - this madness has in itself led to applied Euthanasia as the old must make way for the quantum mass of ever more new feedlots while women are turned into breeding machines; as a direct consequence genetically modified crops had to be developed to feed the growing masses and their meat-eating habits: multiplying the meat-eating habits of one neo-nazi by 6500 million humans=insufficient grain harvests to feed the animals. Multiplying the environmental damage impact quantum of one Asian-Tiger-Economy-Zombie/Japanese sales gump by 6500 million humans=the end of photosynthesis=global desertification. Hollywood itself proves that global over-population exists; its success is anchored on ever larger masses of ignorant cretins who are excited at watching ever more rubbish while French films/media promote the breeding of the cretins – all part of a globalised industry which bombards the masses with time-wasting “entertainment” to prevent/divert them from thinking/addressing the real global issues.

In overcrowded/overpopulated despite exporting hundredthousands of surplus humans every year/overpolluted/overpriced/trafficjammed – anything goes as long as it creates “jobs” – violent/drugs-infested (governments want to legalise drugs to keep the cretin masses subdued/paranoid/oblivious and psychotic) Britain=a country corrupted by long-term adult incestuous relations=a microcosm of the global endgame: CRIME SYNDICATES operate the national racketeering/casino economy; debt-financed by insane house price inflation caused by ever lower Bank of England interest rates. As competition gets ever more severe the crime syndicates are running price-fixing cartel protection rackets or claw back discounts through fraud, deception and misrepresentation – national car rental rackets debit clients for minor wear and tear defects; crooked flybenight airlines lease their planes to backstreet wing aviation outfits claiming to be as scheduled and IATA licensed while leaving passengers stranded all over the place to sustain the feudal lifestyles of their crime bosses and to satisfy shareholders with illegal profits; only three years ago the average return fare to Malaga from Gatwick was 65 pounds – today it would not buy you a single fare ticket…..all part of Tony’s “no-inflation” laissez faire racket economy: multiplying the average income/lifestyle of one neo-nazi by 6500 million humans=global financial suicide.

The looting, debt-financed, growth obsessed humans have turned the entire planet into one gigantic feedlot/agri/arms-factory surrounded by ever larger urbanised tourist/leisure/shopping/airport/carpark/housing and infrastructure complexes which are breeding grounds for aggression, violence, terrorism, noise, crime, fraud, extortion, exploitation, deception, dishonesty and war all of which camouflaged under state/religion initiated media propaganda of human rights; i.e. the rights to deplete natural resources without limits; the rights to kill/murder/exterminate/imprison/torture wild animals without limits; to inflict violence/aggression/destruction against Nature without limits; the rights to exterminate bio-diversity without limits; the rights to breed more of the same without limits: in effect to commit all the crimes which the humans indict amongst each other but consider a religious right against Nature and Fellow Species/Bio-Diversity. The sole purpose is to feed, house, clothe, transport, employ, entertain and defend ever more planetdestructive humans under the collusive indoctrination of the religious/political/academic/business/vested interests and their parroting media puppets who benefit financially from the growth racket in humans and their destructive activities. The endless repetitive/extraneous/irrelevant media propaganda served up as “news” is to confuse/infuse/manipulate the drivelling/breeding masses with the global chaos which is perpetrated by the vested interests/racketeers/criminals to sustain subservience/mass-consumption and political/religious/social allegiance. Consumo ergo sum is the new philosophy of idiots…..USA mass-consumption/retail figures higher again…..lackey countries are desperate to follow suit….World Economic Summit agrees next stage of planet-destructive growth….debt-financed by the world’s largest banks under the masquerade of the soi-disant equator principle/sustainable development=yet another cunning deception: multiplying the “human rights” of one neo-nazi by 6500 million humans=wiping out the fundamental rights of the natural environment/habitat/wildlife.

The powercrazed/backscratching/corrupt political charlatans who are presiding over the the daily increasing global chaos are too busy lining their pockets/running football clubs/scratching the backs of the Vested Interests who pay them lucrative secret consultancy backhanders via offshore nominee companies/playing the stockmarket casinos laundering their illgotten gains from planet-destruction in league with the racketeers…..other than endlessly huddling together like thieves amongst thieves….”let’s not stop/limit/reduce the run-away planet destruction economy which pays our feudal lifestyles….” (whispered a political charlatan in Evian/Saloniki)….Union leader….imagine if there were less workers=no unemployment=higher wages=less slavery.…I’d be out of a cosy job….Missionary….if we had handed out free contraceptives instead of bibles we would not have overpopulation=overcrowding=aids/sarsbronchitis/tuberculosis/infectious diseases/(trade)wars/resource depletion/deforestation/habitat destruction/wildlife extermination/pollution/wastelaying and ever more ignorant consumption-zombies and call it progress….Gideon’s bibles….we never told hotels not to put a free pack of Durex with our bibles….Teacher/Professor….all humans must have professions and must become eco-licensed… need a license to drive a car yet any idiot/moron/cretin can make a child and be a parent… racketeer…..less humans=less sales=less low interest debt-financed pyramid scam expansion/development/construction=less pollution=less resource depletion=less deforestation=less habitat/planet/wildlife destruction=less wastelaying=less profits…..Federal Reserve/European Central Bank…..we’ve got to help the racketeers keep their planet/habitat/bio-diversity destruction rackets going with ever lower interest rates…..on a planet where plants are (agri)-factories, animals are toys, trees are wind turbines and adult humans are a multiplying virus causing it all whilst children are the innocent victims of it all: multiplying the breeding habits of one neo-nazi by 6500 million humans=perpetrating a global holocaust on Nature/Bio-Diversity/Wildlife.

Criminals/Dictators/Politicians/Union leaders/the media et al don’t like to read this and they will do anything to prevent you from reading/knowing the truth because they’re all part of the global criminal mafia which need ever more suckers to keep their low interest/debt-financed rackets from collapsing: the BBC claims – on behalf of the Vested Interests – which sponsor its “Earth Report” that “poverty” and “environmental damage” are linked: this kind of false propaganda helps the Vested Interests to globalise their debt/spam/sales rackets, i.e. the deceptive advertising/marketing that drives “development and economic growth” at the expense of the global habitat/environment which humans share with millions of other species: you can’t beat terrorism while being a terrorist: Economic Growth is unsustainable terrorism and those advocating/promoting it are unsustainable terrorists: multiplying the environmental terrorism of one neo-nazi by 6500 million humans=global war against Nature/Bio-Diversity/Wildlife:

The last 50 years of unprecedented “economic growth” has done nothing other than increase the 20% of greedy/avaricious/ignorant humans who consume 80% of global resources from 500 million to 1300 million which is endlessly misrepresented as a success story whereas the 80% who subsist on 20% of resources have increased from 2000 million to 5200 million which is cunningly misrepresented as an endless opportunity for ever more debt-financed “economic growth/sustainable development and ever lower interest rates”. According to the ILO more than 1600 million additional planet-destruction “jobs” must be invented by 2010…..while real global unemployment already exceeds 40% of the global working age population (including females) which is abusing/destroying/polluting/wastelaying more than 94% of global landspace while polluting the oceans/rivers/lakes. All this is the consequence of the anti-contraception/anti-abortion hillbilly mentality that is still pervading amongst the human cretins i.e. those who have never read or would never read Wittgenstein (on language), Sartre (La Nausée), Chomsky (on globalisation), Godwin Sogolo (African Philosophy), Leisinger (Prof.Patnaik lecture Cuttack/India on Global Macro-Economics and the Survival of the Species etc).......instead they read/listen to the rubbish from the vested interest hirelings…. After some 50 years of miseducation/media/UN indoctrination (UN=never have so many achieved nothing other than more of the same) less than 10% of humans vote for “green” parties because they remain totally ignorant of environmental/social/economic=overpopulation issues: multiplying the jobs=mass-production=mass-consumption=mass-pollution=mass-resource depletion=mass-deforestation=mass-wastelaying of one neo-nazi by 6500 million humans=exterminating what remains of Nature/Bio-Diversity/Wildlife.

All institutions/universities/sport etc. are now financed by, i.e. prostitute themselves to the vested interests and thus teach how to camouflage/cover up/hide the effects of human overpopulation= planet destruction - under the false pretences of “sustainable” development/economic growth/ever lower interest rates and commensurate statistical misrepresentation/manipulation/fixed results which are driving the mass-production/mass-consumption, debt-financed planet destruction; thereby sanctioning/condoning endless recidivism and in effect rubberstamping/perpetuating the origins of ecological crime….whilst its most ardent “humanists” and proponents keep on waffling about “peace/justice/socialism/egalitarian society” whilst wiping out the last scraps of natural habitat and bio-diversity…..sustained by a corrupt/conniving or ignorant/incompetent/hobnobbing/could not give a f…. other than a big lunch/feebill judiciary/legal/accounting professions who are running a local, national and global corruption/protection racket for thieves, crooks, racketeers, looters and every kind of eco-criminals who treat the planet as a thieves paradise: multiplying the global thieving/economic growth of one neo-nazi by 6500 million humans=turning the planet into a gigantic Auschwitz for Nature/Bio-Diversity/Wildlife.

As long as Humans need charities/environmental protection/development organisations you know that there’s over-population hence those which do not oppose human overpopulation are deceiving/defrauding global society: multiplying the “developed” lifestyle of one neo-nazi by 6500 million humans through global “development”=ultimate planet-destruction scenario.

The perpetrators/neo-nazis and their hirelings who benefit financially from the growth racket in humans and their destructive activities must be stopped now.

Ultimately/theoretically every human can end up a millionaire on a desertified “moonscape” where even a billion dollars won’t buy a glass of water or a bowl of rice.

There can be no sustainable development until humans reduce their numbers to a quantum which permits sharing the local/global habitat/resources equitably with Nature and Wildlife within a balanced bio-diversity equilibrium. There are some 2500million under 26 year old humans – a 30 year breeding stop would restore human population to what it was in 1950. It would also help to improve the living standards of all. It is insane that 20% of humans consume 80% of resources/wealth and income. Yet the political/union/development/business cretins/crooks who want the other 80% to have the same level of consumption must know that this would literally wipe out the planet. Since 1950 the “wealthy” 20% of humans have increased by 800 million (an increase of 160%) while the “poor” 80% have increased by 3200 million (an equal increase of 160%) – the only people who benefit from this madness are the Architects of Planet Destruction and the religious/development charlatans who pretend/profess that poverty drives over-population so they can expand their high-security/salary/expenses/pension charity rackets.

The world’s media is owned by the Vested Interests whose “journalists/hirelings” would not dare to tell you the underlying truth - i.e. the fact that human overpopulation drives the global chaos - for fear of being fired and blacklisted. The world’s multinational/globalised corporations which have grown exponentially as a direct result of human overpopulation are also owned by the Vested Interests whose Directors/Management/Staff aka Sales Gumps/racketeers/crooks must deliver ever higher quarterly profit targets regardless of ethics and losses to bio-diversity/habitat/forests=victims. The world’s political/bureaucratic/military/academic/judicial/religious crowd are also owned by the Vested Interests whose representatives must indoctrinate the young to acclimatise to/participate in the global chaos/planet destruction and deliver vote-catching lies/deceptions/falsehoods; i.e. denying that overpopulation is the cause of the global chaos/planet destruction. The Vested Interests are the crooks who debt-finance the global madness/chaos/planet destruction and promote overpopulating nepotism and feudalism amongst each other. All of it “legalised/approved” by the corrupt/conniving or ignorant/incompetent judiciary/legal/accounting professions:


After the 17 or 18 lackeys/megalomaniacs/neo-nazis of the global vested interests (idiots who believe planetdestruction can be endless) have met in Evian/Saloniki etc. protected - from the people whose welfare/living standards they pretend to protect/improve - by tens of thousands of ignorant soldier/police/security robots/uniformed thugs/killers it exemplifies the global deception that is handed down: of a planet that is being destroyed by the very powers that pretend to sustain it; of Nature/Wildlife/Animals being exterminated through applied/enforced Apartheid – the consequence of global human dictatorship.

The planet Earth’s most prolific and dangerous weapons of mass-destruction are the exponentially self-reproducing/multiplying 6500 million humans who have colonised, polluted, deforested, contaminated and wastelaid more than 94% of global landspace while poisoning the oceans, rivers and lakes with the residues of “environmental clean-ups”…..multiply the environmental destruction of one neo-nazi by 6500 million humans=total planet destruction.

The degree of corruption in governments/corporations/religions can be measured by the degree to which they advocate/promote/reward breeding of ever more humans in the same way as the degree of low IQ/ignorance/selfishness can be measured in humans by the number of children they have made or want to make….a legacy of Hitler’s mothercross for multiple mothers now substituted with ever lower interest rates to incite ever more debt-riddled mass-consumption by ever more debt-riddled consumption-zombie robots of ever more debt-riddled mass-produced throw away rubbish which drives ever more debt-riddled planet-destructive mass-construction/development/traffic/pollution/resource depletion/wastelaying.

Consumo ergo sum is the new philosophy of idiots/catholics/planetdestruction…..USA/Britain/Poland mass-consumption/retail figures higher again (according to French TV5 “c’est une excellente nouvelle…”)…..Saddam Hussein’s Cadillac still in America….a reminder that the USA financed him as a trusted (arms)-consumption friend for decades….so was Osama bin Laden…when the CIA/Pentagon used/financed/supplied him to doublecross the Sovjets in Afganistan….because the USA and its dependent lackey nations like Britain run by an oversized schoolboy with an undersized brain who has admitted that he makes children “by accident” because he’s an indoctrinated anti-abortion/anti-contraception fanatic/yokel et al want to make every country into a church-going/deforested chemicalised/plasticised/idiotised mass-consumption cola/burger disneyland….and call it progress….

Human over-population means ever more debt-financed mass-consumption means ever more debt-financed mass-production means ever more debt-financed global trade means ever more debt-inciting low interest debt/money supply flows means ever more debt-financed “free” market manipulation by the debt-financed vested interests/racketeers/criminals who unleash/cause/finance the globalised insanity/planetdestruction means ever more pollution, resource depletion, air, water and soil contamination, wastelaying, habitat and wildlife extermination and market saturation with mass-produced throw away rubbish so that more human over-population/breeding is needed to soak up/consume the surplus goods and services that destroy the planet.

It takes one person to squeeze a few oranges to make a glass of juice but it does not take millions of people to flood the planet with colas…..Ever more Competition from ever more “developed” former Third World countries and consequential market saturation with ever more mass-consumption products/services/tourism is the endgame and checkmate for the planet’s ecology/bio-diversity.

The degree of collusion in governments/corporations/religions can be measured by the degree to which they advocate/promote/reward breeding of ever more humans to consume the global over-production of products/services in the same way as the degree of connivance can be measured in humans by the number of children; i.e. victims of this global madness they have made or want to make which in turn is the result of centuries of miseducation. During the last 50 years the multiplying humans have caused more deforestation/planet/habitat/wildlife-destruction/pollution/resource depletion and wastelaying than in the previous 60 million years under the corrupt aegis of the expense-riddled/toothless/useless/lame duck United Nations playboy organisation (apart from UNEP/UNIDO the most scandalous UN racket “taskforce” are the ISDR International Strategy for Disaster Reduction charlatans in Geneva) and its dud United Nations University run by overpaid/illiterate morons for morons hence its need to advertise on CNN….not that the others are any better…..after some 50 years of miseducation/media indoctrination less than 10% of humans vote for “green” parties because they remain totally ignorant of environmental=overpopulation issues. Politicians are too busy lining their pockets/running football clubs/scratching the backs of the Vested Interests who pay them lucrative secret consultancy backhanders via offshore nominee companies…..other than huddling together like thieves amongst thieves….

THE DEBT FINANCED HUMAN PLANET COLONISATION THAT OPPRESSES, PERSECUTES, DISENFRANCHISES, DEFRAUDS AND EXTERMINATES ALL MAJOR FELLOW SPECIES AND THEIR HABITAT; effected under the pretence of the political party Democracy/Bureaucracy, an anachronistic corrupt system where the compliant serfs/slaves have the right to vote/pay for the crooks/racketeers and their cronies who promise them more “legalised” habitat/wildlife/planet destruction/APARTHEID; i.e. so-called “sustainable” development/economic growth and slave jobs that are played out under the pretence of conviviality when in reality they are nothing other than a planet-destructive ratrace!

The socio-economic global standard of living – now consisting of a debt-financed hovel in a noise/traffic/crime infested polluted slum town, a car, a mobile phone, a TV/CD/DVDstereo system, a chemical fast food/meat cocktail and other mass-produced throw up/away rubbish - is measured in deceptive statistical terms whereby the numbers of additional humans per year exceeds the numbers of those who are edged out into poverty – a scenario that is exponentially growing at both extremes. Massive expansion of slave jobs at wages which only sustain self-perpetuating poverty/mass-consumption are created to serve the global crime bosses’ rackets/feudal lifestyles. The average crime boss siphons off more money per week from his debt-financed corporate planet destruction/theft vehicle into some offshore haven -conveniently advertised/promoted in the Financial Times or by UPS on CNN- than the average slave earns in a year of compliant servitude! Nobody knows how much money the Swiss bank Zuerich gangsters steal from innocent account owners/beneficiaries to buy up/bribe/intimidate the rest of the world they don’t already own. Pope to visit Switzerland in 2004.

The bankrupt/self-serving/self-obsessed humans continue to steal/loot the wealth/resources/livelihood of Fellow Species and Nature to finance their suffocating over-population; what’s happening in Irak and everywhere is a mirror image of the global looting/destruction; it’s not the Irakis who are the looters…:

FACTS: 1. The globally promoted explosive mass-reproduction of humans is unprecedented. When so-called religious humans- now icons- like Buddha or Jesus were around there were perhaps less than 20 million humans on the planet. By 1760 they had grown to 600 million. By 1850 to 1200 million. By 1950 to 2500 million and today to more than 6500 million. Every year some 170 million humans are born after deduction of 50 million abortions: the result of the religious charlatans’ opposition to contraception and consenting adult sexual pleasure other than reproducing more humans=victims. About 70 million humans die ever year. Thus every ten years some 1000 million more humans want/need to join the global planet/habitat destructive/WILDLIFE EXTERMINATING, resource depleting, polluting, contaminating, wastelaying mass-consumption/employment frenzy.

2. This global madness fuels the ongoing frenzy for economic growth and development: EVERYTHING HAS GROWN EXCEPT FUNDAMENTAL VALUES OF RESPECT FOR NATURE AND FELLOW SPECIES, QUALITY, SPACE, KINDNESS AND KINSHIP TOWARDS FELLOW SPECIES/BIO-DIVERSITY. A fact that is totally ignored by the criminal mafia which drives the madness with debt/ever lower interest rates which punishes the low-consumption pensioners and incites hysterical or subliminal cries/whispers for economic growth/mass-consumption/debt to bury the effects of planet destruction under the infantile propaganda/false, misleading, deceptive advertising of local material “wealth and success: the fraudulent “win win” scenario that leaves the Planet/Nature/Wildlife/Animals as losers and which is turning the planet into a global mass-production factory of genetically engineered/artificial/man-made mass-consumption-zombie slave robots/computer game freaks and sales gumps.

3. Scientific evidence exists that over-proliferation/OVER-POPULATION of species leads to aggression, violence, discrimination, oppression and exploitation – Humans are the only example of a species that has evolved into a reprehensible, egocentric, self-adulating, self-serving, warring mutation of evil UNDER THE PRETENCE OF SOME GOD INSPIRED GUIDANCE AND PROTECTION dished up by the cunning dialectics of the moralising fraternity.

4. Every day more than 50,000 humans perish from the effects of malnutrition despite the oil-based fertiliser industry scraping the barrel with 120 bushels of grain harvests per acre and contaminated water lately even recycled from disease infected urine/excrement because more than 50,000 major dams are silting up the world’s river systems.

5. More than 180 countries out of 240 Nature/Wildlife/Forest depleted countries are food import dependent; they could not feed their populations on a local home grown food basis. When the oil-depleting pesticide/fertiliser/fungicide/herbicide/algicide agri-industry must revert to organic: harvests will be less than 20 bushels of grain per acre.

6. In Calcutta the average living space per person is 8m2 if you divide all infrastructure/public spaces amongst the overpopulating masses. There are now 1400 million Indians and less than 2000 Indian Tigers. In basketcase Bangladesh there are now 250 million humans and no Bengal Tigers left. In overcrowded Europe Lions, Bears, Wolves and many other indigenous animals have been exterminated since the “Renaissance” with the collusion of the corrupt judiciary. In Africa all wildlife is being exterminated except for tiny pockets like the Serengeti and Masai Mara as their legal habitat is being wiped out due to massive human population explosion and consequential “development”. Nobody cares about this because Hitler’s Concordat has been expanded into “Humans Ueber Alles”.

7. The OVER-POPULATION DRIVEN planet-destruction through the global construction madness is hailed as an economic miracle with more than 1,800,000 new houses built in the USA in 2002 – on a global equivalent development basis more than 36 million habitat/nature destructive houses would have to be built every year to accommodate the growing families, the slum-dwellers, the homeless and the young adults leaving home. Such housing construction necessitates ever larger infrastructure construction of shopping/leisure/tourist/airport/carpark/road/health and community centres which grow like a malignant cancer. False and illegal justification for War and massive bombing raids are a new pretence to promote/sustain/develop the debt-financed construction based economic growth.

8. Ever more countries are short of safe drinking and irrigation water – desalination and other technological water production is dependent on energy that is simultaneously depleted – in over-populated Singapore urine is recycled as drinking water.

9. The recycling tomfoolery that’s been promoted as a panacea of environmental salvation in fact uses up more energy than is saved. In its ultimate form recycling to feed the overpopulating humans caused BSE and ongoing new and old epidemics; overcrowded cities are catalysts in spreading infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis etc. Recycling, Wind Turbines, Eco-Tourism and Eco-Architecture are the biggest fraud concocted to justify human over-population other than British trains/charter airlines and Mercedes Benz Buses -with tight seating for short leg/big meat belly under 5ft. Bavarians- where humans are turned into/treated as cockroaches: not a single square mile of natural/wildlife habitat has been re-created. The only recycling that works well of its own accord is that of pollution, waste, media hype and diseases; an exponential moneyspinner for the racketeers that cause them in the first place. CNN part of the bankrupt media group that managed to lose USD100Billion in one year keeps operating because it is now the official global USA/CIA/Pentagon/Vested Interests propaganda weapon that misleads/deceives the masses to believe that “Technology” can save the planet and restore its biodiversity/natural habitat despite human overpopulation….other than a virus-infected/hongkongised disneyland…..where plants are (agri)-factories….

10. Since 1950 an area larger than China and India combined has been desertified due to soil erosion as a consequence of deforestation and land clearance for agri-chemical food-production and feedlot grazing. Growing desertification of Europe due to systemic agri-industrial soil erosion can be witnessed in Spain where giant olive plantations are promoted/misrepresented as “Nature Reserves”. The remaining scraps of Forest and the United Nations protected Natural Habitat has been sold to the developers who are busy taking down entire mountains and then reconstituting them with concrete, bricks, mortar, glass and steel.

11. The resulting Global Climate Change, Ozone layer destruction, melting Glaciers, silted up rivers, salinization of top soil facilitate floods, droughts and massive habitat destruction throughout the world. In the world’s largest “eco-protected” wetland – the result of deforestation: Brazil’s Pantanel has more than 12 million cattle preventing reforestation. Massive church inspired population explosion drives ever more slash and burn slum dwellers/gold/precious stone diggers into what’s left of the Amazon forest.

12. Less than 6% of global landspace remains as natural habitat for the 2,5 million major fellow species/mammals with whom humans share the planet. Extinction of all major mammals other than humans which are not locked up in zoos, safari parks or circus arenas is an ongoing event as ever more habitat is wiped out by humans for humans.

13. More than 36 million feedlot animals are slaughtered every day to feed the human carnivores despite the fact that every kilo of meat costs ten kilos of grain and that every calorie of meat protein costs at least 20 calories of energy. It is also now a form of systemic terrorism and torture of which only humans are capable of. Fish stocks are being depleted through massive overfishing. Mass-production of feedlot animals causes ongoing disease epidemics which necessitate mass-destruction of diseased animals (after the event) – Holland has just slaughtered its 15 million disease-riddled chicken: yet like pollution, waste and contamination there is no safe disposal of toxic material because the planet is a closed system.

14. Oil will be depleted within the next 50 years at current consumption of some 72 million barrels a day; gas within 80 years and coal within 90 years– depletion which is accelerated by the rapidly advancing global Over-population/Development and Economic Growth frenzy. The infernal, habitat/wildlife-destructive Wind Turbine and resource-depleting Solar Panel ideology can never make up the shortfall in carbon fuels.

15. There are more than 1300 million motor vehicles causing more than 100 million accidents every year – within less than 20 years the numbers will double if not triple as over-population, development and economic growth drives the global transport gridlock beyond the already exceeded sustainability. When oil is depleted there won’t be sufficient hay to feed the horses and mules as agriculture reverts to organic.

16. Massive deforestation of virgin forests continues either for timber or as slash and burn to provide ever more agri-factories to feed, house, clothe, transport, employ, entertain and defend ever more humans and their destructive activities. Reforestation of fast-growing, quick-buck cash-crop timbers is as soil destructive as it is unsuitable habitat for fellow species yet hailed as “eco-friendly regeneration” when it is just another moneyspinner for the racketeers to finance more planet-destruction.

17. Mining of ever more resources is mirrored in more than 50,000 golf courses which serve less than 1% of humans as recreational relaxation from the stress of being at the forefront of planet destruction – golf as a symbol of excellence of leadership….. When mass tourism turns away from the filthy, overcrowded beach slums – millions of additional golf courses would be needed as an alternative though the land has already been covered in brick, mortar, asphalt, concrete and agri-industries. The global war for resources is in full swing; if Irak didn’t have oil it would not be worth a bullet…..

18. The humans have more Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and Conventional weapons of mass-destruction to wipe out the planet a thousand times. And there are going to be ever more irrational excuses to use them! The massive systemic bombing/contamination of Vietnam with “war crime exempt” chemical weapon agent “Orange” during the Vietnam war was just a microcosm of what humans have and continue to inflict on the natural habitat regardless of consequences.

19. The humans have more than 480 operating Nuclear Power Stations; more than 400 additional Nuclear Power Stations under construction. China and India – when fully developed – will need more than 2000 Nuclear Power plants to fuel their mass-production economies.

20. There is more than 1kg of radio-active plutonium waste with a half-life of 25,000 years for every human on the planet- yes some 6500million kilos- and there is no safe disposal or storage available. For decades the crime bosses and their political lackeys dumped millions of kilos in the oceans in rusting “steel” drums…..

21. Planet-destruction, pollution, air/water/soil contamination, wastelaying, resource-depletion and terrorism is further accelerated when the evil humans attack and bomb each other and bash in their own braindead bodies.

22. There will be no peace on Earth until the VIOLENT, DEBT-FINANCED, GROWTH OBSESSED humans stop their OVER-POPULATION and consequential overwhelming planet/wildlife/habitat-destruction/pollution/air, water, soil contamination, deforestation, wastelaying. The sick/self-righteous/lying political hypocrites who are against the death penalty are daily meting it out to innocent fellow species – in a mirror image of global war.

23. Despite unprecedented “advances=side-effects” in medicine, pharmaceuticals and heavily propagandised “healthy” lifestyles and diets – less than 10% of humans die of old age. For every medicine humans need two or more to counter the side effects in an exponential self-destruction/but wanna keep surviving scenario….

24. The global dictatorship by humans of unprecedented violence, malignance, oppression, destruction, pollution, wastelaying and exploitation that can only be called terrorism of the worst kind that has ever been inflicted by one species on fellow species/bio-diversity and their rightful habitat must be stopped now!

Hence; it is time to set limits and stop the global human overpopulation=war!









Equal Earth is a world-wide, non-profitmaking, religious Philosophy and association of friends with a common purpose of truth, justice, free speech, freedom of expression and opposition to ignorance, self-indulgence, political feudalism, bureaucratic oppression, over-proliferation and over-population. Equal Earth stands for equal democratic responsibilities, rising standards and quality of life for all species; renovation, restoration, reforestation and restitution of the natural wildlife habitat within a stable, responsible co-existential balance/equilibrium to sustain our mutual life support system: the planet Earth.

EQUAL EARTH stands for less quantum and more values, quality of life for all within a balanced, stable and self-regenerating eco-system that provides sufficient natural habitat for all species to guarantee a peaceful, co-existential, syncretic symbiosis of mutual tolerance. Make Love – Not Victims – And Give The Planet A Chance!

Ye Shall Have Honest Weights and Measures and Respect Limits!




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