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Posted by  John Renshaw on December 16, 2003 at 19:16:07:

A few suggested sources for those seeking info/inspiration
Re: kinetic architecture:
-Cambridge U. deployable structures lab (DSL)website (retractable roof structures)
-Calatrava's doctoral thesis "On The foldability of Frames" (may be found in book I, The Creative Process of Santiago Calatrava; book II concens his watercolors, mostly, though its certainly worth a look at)
- Beyond the Cube: the architecture of space frames and polyhedra by J.F. Gabriel (nothing on kinetic arch per se, but examined in conjunction with SC's treatment of polyhedra...)
- R.B. Fuller's transforming cuboctaheron/octahedron array -- the cuboctahedron is just one of many polyhedra that may undergo "jitterbug" transformation; see dihedral joint
- There seems to be a future for shape-shifting metals (i.e., nitinol)and polymers (recent Scientific American article ARTIFICIAL MUSCLES,for layman's intro) as movement actuators, though scale limitations apply, so: awning applications- yes; retractable roofs - I'm unfit to speculate.

Hope this serves somebody's interest, isn't too hackneyed.

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