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Posted by  mn on January 18, 2004 at 12:50:12:

Rustic Terrazzo/Polished Terrazzo/Stone Systems/Rubber Flooring Systems You can Resurface any concrete area with our "Everlasting" Natural Stone Rustic Terrazzo System. Decostone is proud to have been resurfacing concrete for over 15 years! Most systems on the market today are applied very thin and can not handle the ultra violet rays from our natural sun which allows them to fade,peel and may need to be reapplied after just a few years. Our natural stone system is 3/8"to1" thick and is known to handle the most severe weather conditions and ultra violet rays from our natural sun.It is also able to handle the extreme heat allowing them to last for decades !!
Why Decostone?
Fast, easy installation: Eliminates the cost of removing and disposing concrete. Prevents down time and the mess associated in replacing existing decks.
Natural Stone: Creates a deep, rich color and provides endless design and pattern possibilities. This is n everlasting Flooring System which will retain an attractive appearace for decades to come.
Texture: Despite the rigid characteristics of stone, this system increases traction which reduces the risk of injury considerably.
Weight: Does not require any structural modifications.
Thickness: Applications are applied 3/8: to 1". This eliminates the need of elevation changes at dorrways and other ajoining surfaces.
Maintenance: Most other Epoxy Systems on the market today claim to be "maintenance-free." The fact of the matter is, they fill up with dirt and algae after a few years and must be pressure-washed continuously. The Decorative Sand & Stone hybrid Flooring System is a filled system which prevents the epoxy from breaking down from the ultraviolet rays, while still allowing ground moisture to vent.
Breathable: Most other systems used today prevent concrete to breathe. These systems will not last. The Deco System creates a vapor barrier between the stone on the bottom and the sand on the top.
Non - Slip: Ridged characteristics of the stone
Appearance: Elegant, natural stone flooring
Affordability: Comparable to hard wood, brick, tile, flagstone, slate, etc.
Natural Stone: Marble chips, granite chips, river rock; over 100 color combinations!
Hand Troweled: We take the time to do it right
Expansion Joints: Excellent for construction and expansion
Poured Floor: Great for unilevelness, covers imperfections in concrete
Longevity: Stone and sand are everlasting
Technology: Epoxy is a durable bonding agent
Endlesss Designs: Artists and designers on staff
Compliments: Stone looks great with natural wood, brick, stone walls, slate, etc.
Company: Professionals in indoor-outdoor epoxy flooring systems: over 15 years


Our natural river rockstone creates a deep, rich color and provides endless design and pattern possibilities. This is an everlasting flooring system which will retain an atttractive appearance for decades to come!


Our stone systems are the ideal solution to beautifying your surroundings. The products we use can hold up in all weather conditions.

Skip-free surfaces!

Despite the rigid characteristics of stone, this system increases traction which reduces the risk of personal injury considerably. A must for every home with children!
We welcome you to contact us. We offer free estimates and work with your budget to get the job done. Please feel free to call or email us. Representatives are available to answer your questions.

View Natural Stone System: View Polished Terrazzo: Web View Rubber Rock System

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